Michelle Dunscombe Independent 4 Eildon

Eildon Electorate MapMichelle believes that change happens when people step up, share their voice and be the change they want to see. She is dedicated to stepping up for the people of the Eildon electorate.

Passionate about strengthening the community, Michelle has made it her life’s work having studied and worked in the field of community engagement and development at a local, national and global scale. Michelle understands the challenges and frustrations of our Australian communities.

As an independent candidate Michelle's responsibility is to you. She is not bound by party politics, can work with all sides of politics in the best interests of the communities that are the Eildon electorate.

As a representative of the voices of people that live, work and play in the Eildon Electorate, Michelle knows the difference that an Independent representative can make in parliament at both the Federal and State level.

Michelle will bring the collective voices of our diverse communities of Eildon to the halls of Spring Street.  It's time for the voices of Eildon to be heard.

#PeoplebeforePolitics   #MakeEildonMatter


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has" Margaret Mead

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    Michelle believes that every person in our community matters and to be representative of the Eildon electorate it is important for the campaign to truly listen to all voices. 

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